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"So beautiful," I half-whispered again. "So vulnerable." "Please, Master..." her pleading was a minor surprise, but I was unsure if she was pleading for release or for release. With purposeful brutality, a thin tentacle forced its way between her legs, eliciting a loud scream of surprise and pain. Panic took full control of her body, causing her to truly fight Me as much as she possibly could, even though the invader swelled to fill her to capacity and began to quickly piston within her. Between her (un-)natural struggles and the bucking of semi-human intercourse, she was a study in perpetual motion, truly a vision of beauty - perhaps not quite worthy of display in the Louvre, but definitely a sight which would cause even a frog to stop and gasp with awe.Droplets fell from her. At last, her body had fully lubricated itself, the sweet discharge landing upon My groin and thighs. Sweat began to form upon her skin and descend upon Me. Even tears fell from her eyes - whether tears of pain or fear or humiliation was unclear. Quickly, deftly, almost effortlessly, I turned her upside-down above Me, her hair just barely touching My chest, turning her to face Me. Tightening several tentacles around her chest made her feminine orbs slightly more prominent, creating a nice pair of targets. Two tentacles began a slow, steady rhythm, flogging her chest even as another tentacle continued to fuck her. Between her soft sobs, she moaned with each impact across her chest, struggling a little more with each blow. .. by hentai porn pictures site

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