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"Now do you understand why I like those hentai images of tentacle sex?" I asked the scared submissive above Me. "Yes, Mas-" Before she could finish her response, another tentacle was forced into her small mouth. Despite her struggling and bucking, her nearly two years of thoughtful, loving training took control as she instinctively (subconsciously?) began to give oral sex to the oral invader. The feel of her tongue working expertly around and around the odd appendage thrilled Me even more than the feel of her womanly passage. Suddenly, the first climax wracked her body, her scream of release sadly muffled. How I have long enjoyed her screams of passion, but this once I was denied. Still, simply watching her body's overstimulated reactions nearly made up for the deficit of that beautiful sound. Reaching with both hands, I grabbed fistfuls of her hair and pulled fiercely as her rear passage was savagely penetrated, causing her to scream yet again. .. by porn movies site

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